Anti-graffiti coating KTX 07

As a result of scientific research based on many years of testing our own and other companies' anti-graffiti coatings, we drew the conclusion that the most versatile agent which meets clients' expectations should present the following properties:

  • vapour-permeability,
  • single-component composition,
  • surface protection just a few hours after application,
  • durability up to 100 washings,
  • environment-friendliness - does not require application of specialist chemicals based on solvents, acids etc.,
  • safety during graffiti removal - application of solvents, acids etc. hazardous to respiratory system, skin and eyes is not necessary,
  • safety in haulage- does not require compliance with restrictive regulations regarding haulage of hazardous substances,
  • anti-poster effect - tapes and glues for posters do not stick to protected surface.

Keeping these assumptions in mind, we have developed an exceptional KTX 07 coating, thanks to which the graffiti is removed by means of clean water or water with addition of dishwashing liquid!
KTX 07 anti-graffiti coating has the IBDiM approval, i.e. a national document, which authorizes application of KTX 07, on e.g. engineering objects or in underground railway systems.
Obtaining the approval for KTX 07 required meeting a number of standards:




  • PN-EN 1062-3:2008 Paints and varnishes – varnish products and coating systems applicable outdoors onto walls and concrete -- Part 3: Water permeability determination.
  • PN-EN 1542:2000 Products and systems for protection and repairs of concrete constructions – Research methods – Adhesion measurement by separation.
  • PN-EN 1767:2008 Products and systems for protection and repairs of concrete constructions – Research methods – Infrared analysis
  • PN-EN ISO 2811-1:2012 Paints and varnishes -- Density determination -- Part 1: Pycnometric method.
  • PN-EN ISO 3219:2000 Plastics – Liquid emulsified or dispersed polymers/resins – Viscosity determination by means of rotational viscometer at a given setting speed.
  • PN-EN ISO 3251:2008 Paints, varnishes and plastics -- Non-gaseous substance content determination.
  • PN-EN ISO 7783-2:2001 Paints and varnishes – Varnish products and coating systems applied outdoors onto walls and concrete -- Part 2: Vapour permeability ratio determination and classification.
  • PN-EN ISO 7783:2012 Paints and varnishes -- Vapour permeability qualities determination – by means of the vessel method.
  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality management systems -- Requirements
  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2009/AC:2009 Quality management systems -- Requirements
  • ASTM D6578 Standard Practice for Determination of Graffiti Resistance

The following research procedures were used for the approval proceedings:
- IBDiM PB/TM-1/13 Research procedure. Assessment of the protective coating (or tanning) condition following the freezing-resistance test.

The following construction product research reports were used in the approval proceedings:
- IBDiM research, IBDiM report No TM4/30/2013


KTX 07 Technical Information
IBDiM Approval , IBDiM Approval (original, PL)
Declaration Of Conformity
PX 07 Technical Information